Is Your Well Water Safe to Drink?

Is Your Well Water Safe to Drink?

Schedule well testing services today to find out

If your home has well water, it's essential to verify that the water is safe for drinking, cleaning and cooking. Luke J. Rummins - Inspection Services offers well testing services to test your water for lead, arsenic, bacteria and other contaminants that could be dangerous to your health. We'll take a sample of your water, send it to a lab for testing and get back to you with the results in no time.

If you're selling your home, you want to find out if an unsafe water supply is going to scare off potential buyers. Make sure that the home you're buying or selling has a safe water supply by contacting us today to schedule well testing services.

What is septic system testing?

If you buy a home with a septic system that's not working properly, you could have a huge and expensive mess on your hands. The best way to find out if your septic system is in good working order is to schedule septic system testing with Luke J. Rummins - Inspection Services. We'll check to see if your plumbing fixtures and septic tank have been maintained over the years.

A faulty septic system could be a deal breaker during the home buying process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about septic system testing.